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Army Chief General MM Naravane says forces ready to meet any security challenge

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The Indian Army is continuously monitoring the situation in the country's neighbourhood and is ready to meet any security challenge that comes its way, Army Chief General M M Naravane said on Wednesday. Addressing the AIMA National Management Convention, the Chief of Army Staff noted that the army is prepared to tackle even a dual-front war if the need arose.
He highlighted that the Indian Army was making rapid strides in changing itself from being a manpower intensive army to a technologically empowered one in order to keep an edge over opponents.
“We always continue to do a regional and environmental scan and based on that scan we do keep reviewing what threat perceptions could be. Based on those threat perceptions, we recalibrate our possible responses.
“That is always work in progress and we will always be prepared to meet whatsoever security challenges that come due to this changed situation,” Gen Naravane stated.
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