Career in Nutrition and fitness is booming

Tuesday 30th March, 2021

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Career in Nutrition and fitness ls booming The rapidly growing wellness industry is looking for experts in nutrition, diet and fitness c-Puniti.Pandey E ven as the economic slowE, down dueto COVID disrupted manufacturing and business across the world, the demand for fitness equipment had picked pace as peoplerealised the mportance of fitness and health. "During the early daother business went through arough patch. However, people gradually realised the importanceof keeping healthy and fitto keep themselves safe. During this period, the sale of equipment shot up and people took online classes On yOga, aerobics and other exercises," says Jyoti Dabas, founder and CEO, Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS). INFS introduced certificate courses in Nutrition and Fitness to provide comprehensive and practical knowledge. The courses are presentedonline at both foundation and expert level. A candidate can pursue ys of the pandemic, fitCOURSE highlights ness centres just as any CURSOR the course to pursue a profession Or for personal fitness. While nutrition has always been part ofthe Home Science curriculum, programmes emphasising on health, fitness and diet have gained prominence over the last few years. Theincreasing urbanisation and medical problems among working individuals has led to a nise in the need for proper nutntionist, Sawinder Kaur, associate professor and head, Department of Food Technology and Nutntion, Lovely Professional University. Various courses such as Nutnritional biochemistry, Food science, nutrition during life cycle, diet therapy, human physiology, food microbiology, medical nutrition therapy, community nutrition, sports nutrltion, food service management are taught tothe students to tackle the mental and physical ailmentsresulting from growing urbanisation and medical problems.Experts in the field of nutntion, diet, fitness are absorbed in the wellness industry in hospitals, hotel etc.