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Precast concrete technology

Sunday 31st October, 2021

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PRECAST CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY ! Aok Agawal, Aghira) Qomstructons Mew do you sss the Precss! Cencrvte tachrology in ndin? Trewnst construnon tedchnology is une uf Ihe mont widnly employed processes iN glodal archtecture furthermore, over the yean, INNVIBDONS N ihe country''s precav! mduatzy sued mM 1ty devolopmant, aApArLOn, and wideyxesd vw in the buinding and architecturr sectort o Precant technigue hn adw pitkiny ug Bit 13 yet to gan Mmomenturm as tt cutreitty acrouw ity for only IN n tho comiruction seem It 0 alto commundy used for metr: A monormd Ines. 'ep Hm brutiges, and other ouciof Mitraste uctiare prolect Have you unad Precant tn any of your protects? NN yes, hind ptve us your thewgtis on this and also share with the project's phulograghs and ita betel. 'h Auhira) Capita' Clty, we ate nN the procs of a pttNg precan tecnnalogy for trenches stom watoe drasrs and HY Knen We ate b0 roonng toe precast boundary wa'l i the rentail egmant The Precast technique & now packing wp but IS yet 10 gay | a9 @ currently acoounts for only 2% In tho construction sector. 1 3 algo commonly Bsaed tor metro & monocad inos, Sea linka, bridges, and other crucial inlrastructure projects. Alok Agarwal Drector, Propet. AuN cu Constuthom A 6 Adhira) Capital City, we are in the process of adopting precast technology for trenches storm water drains and HT lines. We are also rooting or precast boundary wall in the rental Segment. gy Projects Artal Aha) Caples CAV, @ maemmatl 40 wre 'con moma d We deveOpe art. de vgNod ard Orc hw at rated by wardd-renowned partners Bbe tha mautar jilannern at arma boy Sanits & Oubar Metia. AEDAS The upcamang towmih,p 1 cated at Motunjan. CUO metars from wet10r 34 Khayhar metro tam, ON Nisa 11 wih offer the bet! Iinfleatte ia ture. arcdutoctine tuhwe, Mfesyie. and rommeicisl pruwess The maga project wi bo home to lunuty 1rtidencot with a grand clubhouta, L210 of the A comwmrcaal offico 1pakes n Lyt (k3oe M1 D Cnatrecion ATRRNNS NS ware (ati? a) 8004 PAR Soea Eset cop ng 2 Np tee OB e, s 1ty g endets s sl e OB (St Lt red acess POD so. tN S drned re ctr o Clubigout il Be marae by ore of ip ttt paren m Hh airy concer here serena th vad KE g K CRBLPE -l Mom ges Pest Pre Anolis aro of oer andere Cena ard pur i rang vie pirnenes of o Pork i o, the erent la te agers cer Ioicape wat SEY it o 3 gl tote el pong gl ol Rt Gy s T Teen er per, pore Mla the rior wR De po to ime wi it S, ae oo et bet 2 chat of dba tg A WHT mega project will Ho home ty Tuxury reskdenicas wilh a Grand. clubhouse: stata of the mrt commercil ffice spaes acd a high strest shopping 2a0e, meking Kt 2 Tuy independent and sel-suficient ocosystam. gy vt i, orasimant st e s Davee Wik Lot wll e e i ee s o b s , mle on swe woe Wott May Autre ee ac