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Navi Mumbaikars are opting for larger unit Sizes

Saturday 25th September, 2021

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Mumbaikars are opting for larger unit Sizes Navi Mumbai has always fett roomier than most other suburbs of Mumbai and In the past year, home-buyers arg leveraging on this very facet of the suburb by Arpiia, Bhosale @umesgroup vom one are We dys when mitchbox homes 10 the Meant of the ety was enough 10 satinfy the bome-hoyer. Ax thr Aemand for bigger homes meturas developers tu heeng the atl of the bormo-iyer who IS not comprising wm space and punk for extra urge oS. homes. We ure alt tou aware that nur personal space went for 'a 'ts Waring 1he pandemi and snot Tamilien rgretted thelr derision of inosng compact hotmes cst Mumba, Ho Roms Hee heer, ict dsm Le am iiasin pRyche quicker tnan Mont Qe cilles. rausing the de velopers of the to lntro opting for bigger homes duce the NL concept tae 2020 Rates Pratap det rv A CREDYMIH Sats, "Th NL sre were In N o (ew ST go They were the tnadustrs norm Arun "even feo 10 sears ago st Wr saw Me emergenve of compart Wome ta DE HY packet mizes How eer Some of Ine developer in Sort Hamat Bae decide te stp wile ring Smoller homes and pro Ve sizes thal were prevaenr' evade spo, In Navt Mumba, we are How inereastagly going back to butting brdeooms st2vd at 150 34 RU strad of 120 SQ RO TH has rapectalls Become vital with many planning 1 go fur uw hybrig wrk arTuec mest st ole e T e 10 tester that was seen In We receut yoare ~ the height of we celine was trousht down to IS rom tie pormal 10-f ceang Ajay Ripaor,, fices of one uf davt Mumbats lob develrpe ayy, WAL the chan Ing buyer treads asd patterns. Where Ja a cirar desire among poental bor ra do own BlggET homes with apen "paces and modern amensties Developer sre rigidly for using un folfl is g the needs of the buyers Lrovogh thought he asd planacd Inaovallon Empl 1 being laid on oftering superior Amenities, ryirs space ond an lac tustye amd holipyr iiving Ae Tamilles are confined te thelr Homes, them ls 4 rhotee tor Poarebuyer to use this agditional pace xu m work ured OF as a ree" reational space for Weir Mus oF Parente. Pae pandemic bas caused 3 pATRALEM shift In the parce Uon v s s e ot Prayers fe Wok hg to buts been wth Freer ACCOR te ett he Korte args olen Spaces tue Mr Mews The a tesa ete SMS ter Sveti I b Heater Por protic tng ta Sot Met Sperm Sntole, presudent CRED MCU siya, 10 Beep Ap SME TR tanging BUMT e Armd Mbt develape P i wg on fetes deena wi s prOSL L R DUYETS SIS Ltk e for ey projects Hees Dare else d post Coste And Duyers ure iE fo extra space lside thelr fomes Demand tor Weer he Bas draatically snereased we peri ts a Tor heir TT Ganilie~ 0 India are non-nucicas here bs tse Lhe OpUoR of covert tng the extrn space tate a custom taed worksttine due to workfrom-omr realitses. Mavl Stambal Ristng The st Mumbar rogton 15 1dealty sutted MW pees ample spice tor the yesrfopers te const et larger Momes sir sto pros Ming topclass ames such as @ porium Barden. logging track and cut house comprising a wel-rqupyed somnastom oF an lout und outdour puoi Buyers are keen on Tocating to Nl Mumbal vr Paty 1 because of wury conuectiuity and the tncreasing soclal. cultsrit nnd real development where a8 1[5 sonsenicnt o priple Ming In these areas to commule 1 mujor corparate ana businves drstricts b matntand-Mumba and ~inuitaneousty reup the beaclits ot thelr Investments by having a larger Wome. Iota of open apace. and plush views." Shane ~ Sbirguonkar (42) Bb Learhre In Belapur who tives on rent sas. "UPA Lhe Pandemic, we were Ming ln a Sma nee BHK We oan realised Wat we aeeded a home that DeovIdes extra space o me fo conduct aaline clacses y bushind heeded s ) aswell ae wy Gautier deeded in artend school vieiually we Deed ed dcsiguated ureas that could uccommvdute all our needs. We then booked 4 one-anu-a-naif bedroom tn Talopa hat was around 810 # 1. and we Mave no regrelr."