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Monday 2nd August, 2021

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Going by the success of the stamp duty cut in Maharashtra, industry bigwigs believe that other states should also consider similar demand stimuli to speed up the sales growth. Excerpts... ANUJ PURI, m +Y Ag "ore Chairman, Anarock Pp Property Consultants "The stamp duty cut (of 2% and 3%) in Maharashtra was a game-changer for the realty markets of MMR and Pune. Housing sales surged in these cities despite the onslaught of the pandemic. As per IGR Maharashtra data, the stamp duty cut period from September 2020 to March 202 is aw 80,718 properties registered in Mumbai alone. Hence, it is recommended that other states also emulate the same." v 8 o oo @ oO o OO @ & @ @ 4 s Us @ @ O 6 oc oO @ O % oO v co @ 8S ak gg AJAY KAPOOR, sy CEO, S Adhiraj Constructions Pvt. Ltd "The stamp duty cut in Maharashtra has been Well received and was executed with great success. This decision encouraged fence-sitters to take the bold step forward, which brought back the demand in the sector. To better the industry, we recommend that other states too announce such resolutions to help revive the residential market and sector growth." s oo cS oO eo Oo s Oo oe @ @ @ 8 pp O @ O 0 Oo SS @ @ S oe co o Oc Oo S oO OD O oO Uw @ c Oo oc 6 MUNISH BALDEV, Founder and CEO, J.S Martin & Co. "The recent stamp duty cut by the Maharashtra government was a welcome move by homebuyers all across. It also resulted in higher stamp duty collections for the state. Signalling growth for many cross linked sectors with real estate, the move went down very well with homebuyers. It is only advisable that other states should follow suit." CHERAG RAMAKRISHNAN, MD, CR Realty & infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. "The stamp duty cut by the Maharashtra government has boosted the homebuyers' sentiments which was at its lowest due to the ongoing pandemic. We not only urge the government to reintroduce the stamp duty for a further push to the sector and relevant collections, but also for other state governments to take a cue from this."