A short-video app creates Guinness World Record with its Independence Day campaign

Saturday 25th September, 2021

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Virendra Gupta, founder, and Umang & | mw 0 11 0 CERTIFICATE Re tet 000 40 7 Very tt Capa amet Wey SA 21m. FUR PIOU At Bedi, co-founder, of the short-video app ne of India's fastest-growing short-video apps, Josh made history on September 9 by setting a new world record for creating "the largest online video of people saluting" tothe Indian nattonal anthem. This was achieved during the #SaluteIndia campaign, organised by the app from August 10 to 15 to mark India's 75th year of Independence. The brand says, "It took many 1000 videos, seven days (and nights) and one Josh family to pull off this feat tm a remote environment. It proves that we are one of the most engaged short-video app today with the largest real creator universe, 1000+ best creators and 15+ mtmon UGC creators." The #SaluteIndia campalgn urged Indians to stand up and raise awareness around evil socletal practices such as discrimination, child labour, corruption and dowry, among others. Participants were required to create a minimum five-second video, using various fllters available on the app and take a stand on these is sues, with the Mdlan national anthem playing in the background. Creators and users from all over the country united to mirror the platform's passion and patriotism that resulted Mm atotal of 29,529 video submissions. With this, it broke the earlier record of 23,529 videos achieved by the Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Uttar Pradesh and District Administration, Gorakhpur, on February 4. Sunder Venketraman, Head of Creator and Content Ecosystem of the brand, sald, We feel honoured and delighted to have set this new world record of the largest online video of people saluting. Recetving a certification from the Guinness World Records gives us immense pride as it bears testimony to our ability and commitment tn creating awareness among the masses to voice their opinion against ev1l practices existing In our soctety We thank our creators, users and all the participants, who have played a Key role in turning our vision Into reality Josh Indeed is the country's fastest-growing and most-engaged short-videoapp with the largest real creator universe, who have made this possible for us Founder Virendra Gupta and cofounder Umang Bedi sald, "Our platform is born tn India, for India , that Understands the pulse of Indian netizens quite accurately. The three elements that we operate on our platform, people and purpose came together to help us achieve this remarkable feat. Our hearts are fllled with Immense pride, witnessing thousands of Indtans, uniting to showcase thelr patriotism and passion for the nation, all ina A short-video app creates Guinness World Record With its Independence Day campaign Sameeksha Sud, Sonu Sood and many others (below) participated in the campaign, which urged Indians to raise awareness around evil societal practices remote Setup. We take pride in our world-class, indtgenously developed AL/ML stack that drives deep personallsation and moderates vast amounts of user-generated content ensuring only high-quality and authentic videos gO upon the platform and today this stateof-the-art technology has helped make the whole process possible, seamlessly. What started as a dream for our team is ahuge achievement now and we are thankfw to our users and creators for helping us with 1t." Nell Foster, VP EMEA APAC at Guin ness World Records, sald, "We are delighted to announce Josh app as the Guinness World Records title holder for the 'largest online video of people saluting' to the Indian national anthem. We would Hike to congratulate each mdtvidual who has helped and contributed to the making of 29,529 videos and smash the record SUCCessfully. We feel honoured to felicitate the app that has united people from all over the country digitally during the 75th Imdependence Day celebrations in India."