Belasis Rd to soon get a makeover

Thursday 15th March, 2018

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Belasis Rd to soon
get a makeover
The stretch will be converted into a model road as pei the guidelines laid out by the Indian Road Congress
Varun Singh
Belasis Road, that connects Mumbai Central to the junction near JJ Flyover is all set for a makeover. The road was recently sanctioned Rs 20 crore from the BMC's standing committee. This money will be used to remake the road, footpaths, public road crossing and other facilities as per the Indian Road Congress guidelines.
The new facilities will include footpaths outside property entrances coloured differently. The makeover will also ensure footpath continuity According to the guidelines, the footpath has to be maintained across property entrances by ensuring that the colour of the pavement outside entrances is different from the carriage way, to ensure that the pedestrians have a right of way The new modifications, will also include road crossing and specific designs for speed breakers. The reason behind the colours is that pedestrians come to know that a vehicle might come out of the property for which it is an exit or entry point.
One of the facilities that will be included is mid-block crossing. The mid-block crossing, wherever provided, will be protected by a speed hump or a working traffic signal. This will speeding vehicles to slow down. Similarly, design specification for
A file photo of Belasis Road in Nagpada
? Coloured pavements and footpaths to differentiate between the exit or entry point of a building
? Pedestrian road crossing to have speed humps before and after the crossing to reduce speed of vehicles
speed breakers will also be brought in. Speed breakers will be formed by providing a rounded, 70m radius hump of 3.7m width and 0.1m height, for preferred advisory crossing speed of 25 kmph for general traffic as per Indian Road Congress guidelines.
Rais Shaikh, the local Corporator from Nagpada, who mooted the proposal and got the fund sanctioned, said,
? Uneven speed breakers to be eliminated by following a specific design and shape
? No encroachment on road and footpaths to provide space for commuters, pedestrians
"This will be the first model road in Mumbai. The aim is to have the best facilities as per the Indian Road Congress guidelines. It will enable pedestrians to have a proper footpath. I am also working on removing encroachment of any form from the roads and footpaths. This will help make the road more accessible for the common man and vehicles."