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How are students managing anxiety

Monday 22nd June, 2020

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a TALKING POINT How are students managing anxiety Mental health of youngsters has been impacted due to lockdown. Here are the coping strategies Meditation helps curb restlessness Mindfuness curbs restlessness, we need to take mindfulness to the grass-root level and engage our children with meditation. Youngsters, by nature, are extremely impatient. A A middle-aged person understands and accepts that 6-12 | months 1ost due to COVID-19 is a setback. While for a teenager, it comes as a catastrophe. It is estimated that up to 7% of Indian students suffer from depression. Meditation and teachers support can protect our youth and act as the first line of defense. PRERNA KOHLI CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, GURUGRAM Engage in constructive ways of learning The crisis has taken a tol on the final year students who are graduating this year. Since we donotreally havea concrete plan for the future, we are quite ambivalent about our exams and studies. Sitting idle at home at this point can lead tofurther stress and anxiety. To distract oneself from this confusion, one must engage in constructive learning. I am currently interning with Workafella with the social media handling group and copyright segment. The internship is helping me to channelise my writing skills inaproductive way. PRAPTIMOHANTY STUDENT, MOP VAISHNAV COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, CHENNAI Bonding with family The lockdown has turned out to be a period of anxiety for most students. During such times, students must try to self-study and stay at par with the syllabus. They must also mdulge in extracurricular activities and develop other skill sets. Investing this free time in learning a hobby or domg household chores helps. Reading books can be a good source of relaxation too. Most importantly, bonding with the family will also help the children to overcome the situation. They should get together over some board games such as chess, ludo, Cards, etc. HINA DESAI PRINCIPAL, BIRLA OPEN MINDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, MUMBAI Strike a balance The key to overcoming anxiety 1s by striking a balance between the study routine and other activities. mdulging in indoor games, social media, yoga, and meditation can help the students in overpowering the stress. Just a 10-minu3 teyogaroutine or any form of workout can do wonders for the students. But what wo uld count foremost is interaction with parents which is a must. They are the anchor who can calm their wards and help them to be steady. ANUSHRIMAZUMDAR PGT, Assisi Convent School, Noida As toldto Puniti Pandey