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Picking the Right Apple

Saturday 30th September, 2017

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Picking The Right Apple
Human resources, a key facet in every organisation, plays a vital role across diverse functions, with recruitment being one of the most responsible functions. Recruitment is the process of effective selection of desired candidates with skills complementing the demands of the organisation, and, this onus lies on the HR of the organisation.
Advanced technology and specialized industries have been instrumental in playing a pivotal role towards the creation of an enhanced demand for specialized skills that cater to distinct functions in different organisations. Human resources, a key facet in every organisation, plays a vital role across diverse functions, with recruitment being one of the most responsible functions. Recruitment is the process
of effective selection of desired candidates with skills complementing the demands of the organisation, and, this onus lies on the HR of the organisation.
Recruitment is the resultant of any of the three factors- planned, unexpected and anticipated circumstances. Planned recruitment takes place in the event of changes in the organisation like vacancies, or owing to amendments to the
retirement policies of the organisation. Unexpected changes include resignations, accidents, illnesses, and even deaths. Anticipated changes include movements that an organisation can predict by way of studying the trends within and outside the organisation. Thanks to technology, organisations today, have a plethora of options to source potential candidates to maintain an effective working force. These could be either internal or external sources.
Recruitment through internal sources
Internal sources for recruitment is the process of recruiting from within the organisation. Opportunities arise in case of transfers of some employees from one location to another, or when some employees move up the hierarchy on promotion. Better known as Internal Job Posting (IJP), opportunities are communicated via an electronic platform apprising the befitting employees about the same, and soliciting them to submit their applications. This is termed as internal recruitment, and has an edge over recruitment through external resources. The organisation is familiar with the employees, and hence, manages to save time on the process of induction. It also helps boost employee morale, promotes loyalty, and creates a sense of security within the minds of employees.
Internal recruitment helps in instilling a lot more trust among employees about the organisation's fair practices. Such a recruitment also takes place through employee referrals, which very often, has proved to be successful, since referrals are always made in the best interests of the organisation. Moreover, employee referrals are also popular where potential employees are sourced from existing employees' social network. An employee referral scheme encourages the existing employees of a company to help select and recruit suitable candidates from their social networks.
Recruitment through external sources
Recruitment from external sources is a process involving the sourcing of suitable candidates through online job portals, private head hunters, specialized agencies, replacement
external resources comes with a host of advantages like new talent, specialized/competitive skills, ambitious individuals willing to take on challenges, since at times, existing employees tend to become complacent.
Different organisations have differing views on both forms of recruitment. Some organisations carry the belief that internal recruitments offer better growth prospects to the existing employees, since the organisation is familiar with the employees' personal and professional background, manner of functioning, and dedication. While on the other, some other organisations feel that it restricts them from experimenting with fresh blood / talent, which may in fact introduce them to a host of fresh ideas that function to add to the organisational advantage. A few other organisations endorse the view that internal resources may not necessarily do justice to all existing vacancies. Certain organisations even encourage job rotation across various

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Recruitment Methodology
consultants, external database, social media platforms and campus placements. Recruiting through external resources is a lot more complex, and involves the metaphorical sieving the chaff from the grain. An organisation's HR has a crucial role to play here since it involves careful assessment of a candidate's skills to the requirements of the job profiles, interviews, reference-check, and finally the expectations of the candidates in terms of compensation and growth prospects vis-a-vis that of the organisation. Recruitment through
verticals in the industry. Another popular practice followed by companies is the promotion of gender diversity. In this new age world, companies are striving to promote gender equality and women empowerment, and now, it is a common sight to see a large number of women employees in a large number of organisations.
There are organisations that make candidates undergo online psychometric tests, since they help understand the candidate's aptitude and personality, and thus help determine the suitability of the


Girish Shah is the Director of The Wadhwa Group. With a career graph spanning over two decades and working with some of the best blue chip organisations in India, he has several laurels to his name. Girish has worked at Godrej Properties, Reliance ADA Group, UB group, Johnson & Johnson and Reckitt Piramal in various leadership roles.
candidate to the job profile, his/her emotional intelligence, team-playing spirit apart from leadership qualities. Recruitment is all about a process of efficient and effective screening to ensure how an organisation benefits from the candidates' expertise. Every HR personnel in an organisation is therefore required to be highly qualified and experienced in differentiating among the candidates, and deciding on those candidates who portray a higher likelihood of success for the organisation. Specialized skills have become the need of the hour across industries and today, even the real estate industry which shoulders the responsibility of delivering a range of varying properties for all economic sectors of the society is demanding highly qualified personnel to be able to make qualitative deliverables catering to their audiences. oo