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Ashwin Sheth group expands to major cities

Monday 13th January, 2020

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Ashwin Sheth group expands to major cities Mumbai, Jaw 11: Chintan Sheth. Director, Ashwin Sheth of Mumbai's lcading real-estate developers announced the cnmpany s plan tw foray Into other cities of Indi, which includes a combination of tier | and tier U1. The Group will focus on oll the three segments resudential, commercial and retal. In order tn expand the company w more than double its present size, about Rs 2.0(X) crore will be invested in the next five years to create a Iwalthy mux of housing, commercial amd retwuil segnwnts. The plan will help in the company touching a purttoho of RSs 140,000 crore. from the present Rs 4.(UX) crore. The Group bas invested around Rs.200 crete to set up a commercial roject under te hrand Cnergy in Thane und develop over 2 million sq ft of commercial space and cxpects revenue of Ra.HX) croe is a part of te 30 acre land parcel of the company is developing in a Phased manner. Ashwin Sheth group with over 80 diversified luxury projects across Mumbai & Dubat. including landmarks like Vivian Matl and BeauMonde. the brund has nestled over 25.(XK) happy fanulics in thet dream bones.