Management Development Index report released

Thursday 27th September, 2018

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Management Development Index report released
New Delhi, September26
Organisions with annual revenues ranging between ?100 crore and ?4,000 crore have highlighted the need for people leadership, whereas those companies whose revenues are between ?4,000 crore and ^14,000 crore considered organisational capability as the most urgent need, according to a report released by the All-India Management Association (AIMA) in collaboration with KPMG.
In the fifth edition of the Management Capability Development Index report, it added that organisations with annual revenues ranging between ^14,000 crore and ^60,000 crore rated innovation as the focus area.
Different dimensions
Ten management capability dimensions were taken into consideration, which included organisational capability, external relationships, integrity and corporate governance, financial leadership, innovation in
products and services, application of technology and knowledge, people leadership and self development, visionary and strategic relationships focus on getting results and performance leadership.
"The report is aimed at helping organisations benchmark their management practices against the overall Indian business scenario as well as against businesses that are similar in nature. It gives an opportunity to take a close look at your current performance, identify the areas of improvement, get potential indicators for growth and gain credible insights for making a positive impact to your business practices," said TV Mohandas Pai, President, AIMA.
One of the findings of the report mentions that North India-based firms (due to high ratings from healthcare and technology) and West India-based firms (fuelled by high ratings from financial and professional services) were more confident of their capabilities.